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the Way of the Medicine Pony 

Spanish Mustangs, Reiki & Horse Whispering


for more information contact us on medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

Spanish Mustang Stud

Come & meet the original Native American Indian Ponies of the Great Horse Nations they are

safe enough for children, Fast enough for the Buffalo Runner & Brave enough for the Warrior,

the chosen horse of the Medicine Man


 most of all they make great teachers & love to meet new people


The Native Americans believed that everything was connected in the web of life & they treated their ponies as sacred brothers & sisters and a valued part of the tribe


Come & join us and become a part of the Medicine Pony Tribe

help with the herd, take part in our medicine circle or practice your horse whispering skills


Equine Reiki, Healing & Horse Whispering Courses


horses have given us so much over the years,

now its time to give something back by listening to what they have to say & incorporating regular

Healing and Horse Whispering sessions into their daily routine



Healing & Horse Whispering

Introduction to Energy Healing & Equine Communication

for Horse lovers looking to improve their relationship with Horses

 Learn to Communicate with a herd of Mustangs

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Equine Reiki Courses