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the Way of the Medicine Pony 

Equine Reiki, Horse Whispering & Healing for Horses Courses

for more information please use the contact form or email medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

Medicine Pony Mustangs

the chosen horse of the Medicine Man


The Native Americans believed that everything was connected in the web of life & they treated their ponies as sacred brothers & sisters and a valued part of the tribe


Come & join us and become a part of the Medicine Pony Tribe

help with the herd, take part in our medicine circle or practice your healing & horse whispering skills

Learn Reiki, Horse Whispering & Healing for Horses with a Herd of Spanish Mustangs

Our Equine Reiki, Horse Whispering & Healing for Horses Courses are run with the support of our herd of spanish mustangs


Horses have done so much for us over the years

now its time to give something back by listening to what they have to say & incorporating regular

Energy Healing sessions into their daily routine

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Equine Reiki Courses

Shamanic Healing with Horses

Emotional Healing & Personal Development

Take a Transformational Healing Journey of Self Discovery with one of our Medicine Ponies

Reiki for You or Your Horse

Reiki can help you and your horse with a wide variety of physical and emotional issues

from injury to confidence and trauma

IMG_0610 Meet the Medicine Pony Mustang Herd