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the Way of the Medicine Pony 

Reiki, Horse Whispering & Healing with Horses

for more information please use the contact form or email medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

The Native Americans believed that everything was connected in the web of life & they treated their ponies as sacred brothers & sisters and a valued part of the tribe

they were safe enough for children, brave enough for the warrior, fast enough for the buffallo runner

the chosen mount of the medicine man


Come & join us and become a part of the Medicine Pony Tribe

Enjoy a gentle laid back day of just BE ing with the herd

take part in our medicine circle or practice your healing & horse whispering skills

Experience the Way of the Medicine Pony with a herd of Mustangs

Reconnect with the cycles of nature & the medicine wheel of the year

Healing , Horse Whispering & the Way of the Medicine Pony

Learn to speak fluent Mustang with the Medicine Pony herd

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Equine Reiki Courses

Shamanic Healing with Horses

Emotional Healing & Personal Development

Take a Transformational Healing Journey of Self Discovery with one of our Medicine Ponies

Reiki & Quantum Healing

Reiki & Quantum Healing can help you with a wide variety of physical and emotional issues

from injury to confidence and trauma

Meet the Medicine Pony Mustang Herd img_1083 IMG_0099