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the Way of the Medicine Pony 

the Medicine Pony Centre cic

Respite Care for Children in Devon

Equine Reiki Courses

Horse Whispering

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for more information contact us on medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

Spanish Mustang Stud

Experience the Way of the Medicine Pony with a herd of Mustangs


Join us for a day & Experience the Way of the Medicine Pony with our herd of Mustangs


All of our Courses & 1-1 sessions are run with the help of our herd of rare breed Spanish Mustangs

to learn more about the herd click on the stud button

Come & meet the original Native American Indian Ponies of the Great Horse Nations they are

safe enough for children, Fast enough for the Buffalo Runner & Brave enough for the Warrior,

the chosen horse of the Medicine Man


 most of all they make great teachers & love to meet new people


come on out and help with the herd, take part in our medicine circle or practice your horse whispering skills & have some fun on the horse agility field

Introduction to Energy Healing & Equine Communication

for horse lovers looking to help their own horses


Equine Reiki Courses level 1 & 2

Professional Level Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering


Shamanic Horsemanship

Healing, Personal Development & Spirtual Growth

Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering Courses

Horse Whispering for Children

Empowering the Youth of today with the Horse of Yeserday

Spend the day helping with the herd,

learn how to be a horse whisperer & have some FUN!


Equine Assisted Learning & Respite Care for Children in Devon


Therapeutic Horse Whispering

sessions for children who require a bit more support

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