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Equine Reiki, Healing & Horse Whispering Courses

Learn the Way of the Medicne Pony with a herd of Mustangs

for more information or to book a Course please use the contact form or email medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

Equine Reiki, Healing & Horse Whispering Courses

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Horses have done so much for us in the past , now its time to give somethng back by incorporating regular Reiki Healing & Horse Whispering sessions into their daily routine.

Reiki Healing will help your horse with all sorts of physical, emotional and behavioural issues, it will also help you achieve the relationship with horses that you have always dreamed of


Reiki Courses

Our Courses are all run with the help of the

Medicine Pony Spanish Mustang herd


these little mustangs were the Native American Indian Pony of the Great Horse Nations

we have chosen this breed for our courses as not only are they are one of the few breeds that still speak the original "horse Language" they have retained their ancestral memories making them perfect for any form of personal development & spirituality

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Healing & Horse Whispering

this course is offered as an alternative to the traditional Equine Reiki course for those who intend to focus mainly on horses