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Medicine Pony 

Reiki for Horse & Human , Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering Courses

for more information please use the contact form or email medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

This comprehensive course is for horse lovers intending to set up their own Equine Healing Business

plenty of opportunities to practice your Reiki and Horse Whispering with our herd of rare breed Spanish Mustangs

Reiki, Healing for Horses, Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering Courses

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Healing & Horse Whispering Courses

Reiki Healing for Horses & Humans

Reiki can help both horses and humans with a wide range of physical & emotional conditions

it can also help improve your relationship with your horse

why not indulge in a Reiki Healing session today

Reiki Courses