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Healing & Horse Whispering with Mustangs

Medicine Pony Farm

Care Farm in Devon

Horse Whispering for Children & Teenagers

Spanish Mustang Stud & Horse Whispering programme for children in Devon




Reconnect with nature, learn new life skills while working with the herd,

the cycles of nature & the medicine wheel of the year

                           learn how mustangs think & how to develop a relationship with them.


Develop Trust, Respect, Strong Boundaries & Compassion


discover how to connect with the mustangs by learning to control your emotions & body language


experience an increase in confidence, self esteem, emotional health & wellbeing


no previous Equine Expereince required only a desire to transform your life and Be with the herd

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Welcome to Medicine Pony Farm


Our aim is to provide a safe & supportive environment that will promote Health & Well Being through Re connecting to Nature & taking part in the daily activities on the farm.


This includes caring for a herd of mustangs & the land they live on, working as part of a team and learning new skills.


come & meet the famous indian pony of the Great Horse Nations,

they were bred to be


safe enough for children, Swift enough for the buffalo runner & the sacred Horse of the medicine man

care farm

Healing with Horses & Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning in Devon

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