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the Way of the Medicine Pony 

the Medicine Pony Centre cic

Horse Whispering

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for more information contact us on medicinepony@hotmail.co.uk

Spanish Mustang Stud

Horse Whispering & the Way of the Medicine Pony

Join us for a day  

Learn the Ancient Art of Horse Whispering & Experience the Way of the Medicine Pony with the Celtic Horse Whisperer & her herd of Mustangs


All of our Courses & 1-1 sessions are run with the help of our herd of rare breed Spanish Mustangs

to learn more about the herd click on the stud button

Come & meet the original Native American Indian Ponies of the Great Horse Nations they are

safe enough for children, Fast enough for the Buffalo Runner & Brave enough for the Warrior,

the chosen horse of the Medicine Man


 most of all they make great teachers & love to meet new people


horses have given us so much, now its time to give soemthing back by listening to what they have to say

come on out and help with the herd, take part in our medicine circle or practice your horse whispering skills & have some fun on the horse agility field

Introduction to Energy Healing & Equine Communication

for horse lovers looking to help their own horses

Equine Reiki Courses level 1 & 2

Professional Level Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering


Shamanic Horsemanship

Shamanic Healing, Personal Development & Spirtual Growth with Horses

Empowering the Youth of today with the Horse of Yeserday

Spend the day helping with the herd,

learn how to be a horse whisperer & have some FUN!


Horse Whispering programme for looked after children


Therapeutic Horse Whispering

sessions for children who require a bit more support


Equine Reiki & Horse Whispering Courses

Horse Whispering Lessons for Children

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